The Standard

colorful. contrary. uncomplicated. brutal.
Photo: Tim Charles

After hotels by The Standard can already be found in many American cities, the makers tool a look across the Atlantic and are now delighting Europe with their stylish and creative concept. It begins in London where a 1974 brutalist building in the booming King’s Cross district was carefully restored to become a worthy part of the brand.

The “red pill” is the notable signature of the outside: an elevator placed on the facade that takes guests from the lounge with library and sound studio to the 10th floor where the restaurant Decimo serves fused Spanish and Mexican cuisine as well as unusual looks onto the city landscape.

The small color accent on the outside also feels like a preview of the hotel’s inside as that is very colorful! The early 70s served as a source of inspiration. A light-hearted design that builds a wonderful contrast to the style of the building – as well as London’s notoriously grey sky.

“We opted for a friendly take-over – almost as if California rebels took over a government building and turned it into something libertine.” Shawn Hausman, Interior Designer



Interior Design

Shawn Hausman Design, Archer Humphryes Architects


Kalmar, Vola

The Standard

10 Argyle Street, London, WC1H 8EG