The Lovelace

temporary. limited. unique. premium.

Munich’s downtown features a unique attraction. But only for a limited time. The Lovelace is a pop-hotel that will exist until 2019 only.

The hotel is the interim presence on almost 5,000 square meters in the building of a former royal bank.

Besides the luxurious 36 rooms, the Lovelace offers its guests and visitors two bars, a coffee shop, a kiosk opened 24/7, two roof terraces as well as studios for events and pop-up stores on three levels.

The premium interior is unusual for a pop-up hotel. Overall, ca. 1 million Euro were invested. Leading design brands were won as partners.

Join the Happening! All who feel like opening a shop, host an event, exhibit art etc. are invited to join the Lovelace Project.


Coco-Mat, Vitra, Bolia, Kvadrat, Sonos

The Lovelace

Herzog-Rudolf-Straße 9, 80539 München, Germany