The June

relaxed. netflixed. glorious. sun-bleached.
Photo: Lauren Miller Photography

In 2016, the two friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash decided to quit their safe but boring office jobs in Toronto and turn dingy motels on the road side into beautiful boutique motels. The June in Sauble Beach that opened in June 2021 is already the second project of the new ‘moteliers’ and an ode to relaxed beach towns of the 70s.

Sun-bleached wallpapers, retro shades and a pool view immediately radiate the casual charm of these attractive places and bring you back to these relaxed times. There is nothing nicer than watching the sun set over the pool from one of the hammocks on the terraces! And afterwards, off to the Heydays. In the motel’s restaurant guests meet to enjoy oysters and lobster rolls and cheer to glorious summer days with a glass of rosé.

April Brown and Sarah Sklash are also the stars of the Motel Makeover series that can be watched on Netflix since August 2021. The documentary shows how the two turn the run-down motel in Sauble Beach into the June.

Back to the 70s in a hammock

Interior Design

April Brown and Sarah Sklash

The June

11 Sauble Falls Pky, Sauble Beach, ON N0H2G0