The Gratitude

vegan. pleasurable. conscious. holistic.
Photo: Neudahm Hospitality Service GmbH

“Munich’s Maxvorstadt district is a hip cosmos in which the new can grow,” says Andreas Neudahm. Hence, with The Gratitude, the interior designer known for his hotel and restaurant designs created a space that celebrates a conscious lifestyle with unique vegan creations.

“We offer vegan culinary delights as an experience, as a conscious choice, whether for just an evening or as a lifestyle. The location attracts a variety of guests and unites them for an evening of conscious joy”, says manager Ladan Rasuli.

The vegan delights and the stylish interior go hand in hand and turn the visit into a holistic experience. One could claim that a fine blueberry cucumber salsa can be combined as elegantly with grilled avocado as the botanic wallpaper in deep green with the mustard colored upholstery furniture.

“The Gratitude is lifestyle, consciousness, attitude.”  Andreas Neudahm

Interior Design

Andreas Neudahm


Zuiver, By Rydéns, Architects Paper, ASA Selection, Picard & Wielpütz

The Gratitude

Türkenstraße 55, 80799 München