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Café Restaurant
Buenos Aires
Photo: Facundo Manoukian

Gastón Acurio is one of the leading forces behind the worldwide conquering crusade of Ceviche. The Peruvian chef achieved this after the opening of his restaurants Astrid & Gastón and La Mar together with his German wife Astrid Gutsche.

His restaurant is located in the Bellini Tower in Buenos Aires and spreads across impressive 650 m2. With this much space, the famous cook treated himself to an eccentric interior design idea: his guests can admire an indoor jungle behind huge glass panels. It loosens up the strict geometric furnishings.

The 650m2 large and six meters high refuge used to be a concrete and masonry chamber and received its warm character by adding oak floors, indirect light and a plant terrarium.

Interior Design

Sergio Krymer, www.sergiokrymer.com


Viio, Patagonia

The essentials

Esmeralda 938, C1057 CABA, Argentina