Siringit Migration Camp

sustainable. mobile. octagonal. transparent.
Photo: Rachel Ambrose

The Siringit Migration Camp opened in September 2021 is part of the sustainable hotel group Mantis and lets environmentally conscious globetrotters enjoy a unique safari and adventure trip. What is special about the luxury camp: It is completely mobile and changes its location within the Serengeti National Park according to the natural herd migration.

The camp consists of eight exclusively furnished tents in Beduin style that were made of recycled material in Tanzania. To bring the Serengeti even closer to the guests, the tents are octagonal and feature transparent side walls. That way, a fascinating surround view of landscape and animals is enabled.

Paul Gardiner, CEO of the Mantis group, is convinced: “The Great Migration is known as one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles and is on the bucket list of many international travelers. The Siringit Migration Camp returns to the origins of the safari: sustainable, mobile small camps that move in symbiosis with the wild animals.”

A mobile luxury camp in the Serengeti National Park Nationalpark

Interior Design

Meg Vaun Interiors


Custom made

Siringit Migration Camp

Serengeti Nationalpark, Tansania