Singita Sweni Lodge

natural. exklusive. colorful. enchanting.
Kruger Nationalpark
Photo: Singita

The breathtaking nature and fascinating fauna of South Africa belong to the experience of the exclusive Singita Sweni Lodge that has been thoroughly renovated in 2017 – and all that in an especially immediate manner.

Since then, the resort located at the lush Sweni River in the North East of the Kruger National Park presents itself in an original look. The natural luxury of the lodge melts the borders to the lively river landscape; pristine materials such as polished clay and light aged wood as well as natural colors with accents of aqua, emerald and lemon let the seven suites melt with their environment organically.

Here, guests are not observers. They are part of the big picture. At least that is how it feels when you watch a lyon pack drinking water at the river while you enjoy a swim in the pool.



Interior Design

Cécile & Boyd

The essentials

Sweni River, South Africa