Royal Hideaway Corales Resort

natural. connected. elementary. spectacular.

Coral shaped partitions between bath tub and bed, a lobby like a cave with natural stone walls and a reception in a Lagune with vanguard furniture: for the design of the Royal Hideaway Morales Beach on Tenerife, the local architect Leonardo Omar was inspired by the beauty of the island.

His connection to nature is omnipresent in the spacious resort. A unique feature: the luxurious refuge is divided into two areas:  Corales Beach is for adults only and Corales Suites for families. Despite its size, the complex feels individual and warm-hearted. Thanks to a phenomenal design and the connection with the elements!

In a culinary sense, the local nature is also a leading act in the resort: The Canarian star chef Juan Carlos Padrón and his brother developed the concept for the restaurant Maresía by Hermanos Padrón. The menu features intriguing flavor combinations such as mussels with a litchi vinaigrette, shrimp with tapioca jus and lemon yoghurt with roasted chocolate. Padrón states: “In our cuisine, we celebrate the flavors of our ingredients. They are the heroes. Presentation is important—but after all, people do come to eat, not to look…”


Leonardo Omar

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Leonardo Omar


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Av. Virgen de Guadalupe, 23, 38679 La Caleta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain