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Photo: Pulitzer Amsterdam

After 45 years in the business, the Hotel Pulitzer was re-opened in Februar 2016. The extensive renovation was finished and the hotel is more attractive than ever.

The Pulitzer is a labyrinth of 25 connected houses on beautiful Keizersgracht. The 400-year-old buildings were restored with a lot of attention to historic details and given contemporary comfort.

Creative Director Jack Strauss – a former Senior Designer of British designer Tom Dixon’s research studio – was inspired by the personality of former inhabitants when creating his interior. From Dutch merchants to noble aristocrats.

Today, guests can choose among four room categories and three kinds of suites. The Collector’s Suite is a highlight. It features four imaginary characters: an eccentric book lover, a composer, an art freak and a collector of antiques.

Try the beef tartar at the adjacent restaurant Jansz. The elegant place is run with the pleasantly leisurely Dutch attitude.


Reconstruction by Salverda, GS ‘t Harde

Interior Design

Jacu Strauss, London


Sonderanfertigungen von Jacu Strauss, Piet Hein Eek, Lee Broom, Tom Dixon, Anouk Beerents


Keizersgracht 224, 1016 DZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Behind the place

Signature Makers & Brands


Interior Designer
Product Designer
Tom Dixon