alterable. novel. detailed. orange.
Bar Café Club
Photo: Mato Johannik

To care for Vienna’s bar culture sustainably, the founders of the Praterstrasse thought of something novel and promise nothing less than “Next Level Barkultur” for the Danube metropolis.  The concept behind that is called Hybrid Bar and is different and more exciting than the sterile sounding description suggests: A place that changes with the day’s rhythm – starting as an Espresso bar in the morning, turning into a lunch place at noontime, later to an afternoon café, in the evening into a cocktail bar and finally at night into a club.

Besides a confident intuition for  bar concepts, the makers also prove a lot of sense for style. The objective was to build a bridge between 70s disco and contemporary House in the design. Hence the design is an exciting mix of retro elements and high tech materials interwoven by a proverbial thread tat is not red but orange and that can be found in many details of the hybrid bar. Bar Around the Clock


Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects

Interior Design

Philipp Brandstätter, Andreas Pust


Praterstraße 18, 1020 Wien