Pasta del Popolo

open. live. intimate. ceramic.

The idea behind this project: Pasta Workshop. A restaurant, in which visitors are as close as possible – thanks to a completely open kitchen – to the pasta making process.

The fact that the dining space is rather small matches the intimate concept. Materials and textures were chosen to highlight each other.

Walls covered in small white ceramic tiles radiate the familiar feeling of a kitchen. Wooden elements, the pastel blue ceiling and the warm lighting add to that.

Do you like to try new pasta shapes? Then the Mafalde are worth a try! They can also be ordered online:

Architecture & Interior Design

Vladimir Mindru, Ana Irina Lupu, Rares Fotau-Cojocaru/Yellow Office


Stühle von MDD, Kenosis, Arelux, Kunst von Kitra

Pasta del Popolo

Strada Zăgazului 21–25, Bukarest