Palm Suite

antique. exotic. grand. detailed.
Photo: Manfredi

The Palm Suite is part of the exclusive Manfredi Fine Hotel Collection and surely a signboard of the brand. Located in a magnificent 18th Century building with wonderful wood ceilings and floors, the hotel can be found in the heart of antique Rome and offers fantastic views of the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum.

Giorgia Denkerlein of the renowned Studio Loto AD Project proved a lot of love for detail when designing the five roomy suites. Besides the palm theme that appears in different shapes in all suites, exotic colors and patterns as well as custom made furniture designed by Loto AD Project make for a great combination of charm and comfort.

The Palazzo Manfredi and with that the superior restaurant Aroma in the top floor of the hotel are only five minutes away. You can enjoy a lovely breakfast and of course exquisite dinner of the terrace of the restaurant.

Interior Design

Giorgia Dennerlein (Loto AD Project)

The essentials

Via del Colosseo, 20, 00184 Roma RM, Italy