No. 92

enologic. victorian. georgian. intimate.
BAR Restaurant

This soulful wine bar and kitchen on Glebe Point Road is located on a building corner of a beautifully restored Victorian-Georgian building that originally served as Waratah Hotel.

To create an intimate salon, essential details such as fixtures, marble and iron fire places, adorned moldings and decorative ceilings were restored while feminine twirls assure tactile charm.

The wine menu prefers ecological, environmentally friendly, sustainable, biodynamic productions of Australian and European wine makers. It was composed by Super Super, a platform for organic wines supported by local wine legends.

Architecture & Design


Interior Design

Flos, Thonet, Grazia & Co, Tommaso Barbi, Emotional Light, Astep, Vintage

No. 92

Glebe Point Road 92, Sydney