Nihonryori KEN

joyful. perfectionistic. balanced. minimal.
Photo: Nihonryori KEN

The culinary theme of the Nihonryori KEN is “Kaiseki Ryori” and is nothing less than the Japanese version of Haute Cuisine. Guests can look forward to a very special and joyful experience. It consists of a seven to nine course menu prepared with Japanese perfection. They joy can last up to four hours.

The harmony and balance of flavors and textures are the focus. All ingredients are the freshest and most seasonal and imported from Japan. The interior also reflects this harmony and balance or Japanese simplicity and asceticism that enables the necessary calmness and concentration for a Kaiseki menu.

The Nihonryori KEN is all about “Omotenashi” – which means “hospitality from the heart”.

The essentials

Wallstraße 22 60594, Frankfurt am Main