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Café Restaurant

One of the city’s most exciting concept rooms: An old, former industrial building with a new life calls itself “W37”. Besides a hotel with 37 apartments, it features the Lume restaurant.

Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti does his magic here. His cuisine reflects the contemporary ambience in a historic surrounding and is both classic and modern at the same time and focuses on regional ingredients.

As the name indicates, the project curated by designer Monica Melotti celebrates the light as a leading act that is dramatized by lots of white and huge windows facing the garden.

Special Tips

A glass cube is located in the center of the restaurant. It is covered with stitched patterns and provides an insight into the Michelin-awarded kitchen, where treats such as Chateaubriand with tomatoes “alla provenzale” are being prepared.

Interior Design

Monica Melotti


Flos, Viabizzuno, Poltrona Frau, Marazzi, Flaminia

The essentials

Via Giacomo Watt, 37, 20143 Milano MI, Italy