ornamental. adorned. rich. opulent.

The elaborate hotel project of French interior designer Jacques Garcia is a five-star hotel with 39 rooms in the heart of London.

L’Oscar is located in the former Bloomsbury church in Holborn, in the West End of the city. The building stems from the early 20th Century. The hotel rose from five to seven stories but kept part of the original tiles, floors and adorned ceilings.

Every room is designed individually, with a luxurious turn of the century touch as well as generous decors of silk, velvet or damask in red and golden shades. The peacock logo of the hotel has also been placed on the bed heads.

Special Tips

Besides the hotel bar, Jacques Garcia has created a small garden. The highlight of the “Blue Tree Yard”: an expansive copper tree.

Interior Design

Studio Jacques Garcia, www.studiojacquesgarcia.com


Osborne & Little, Lalique, Pierre Frey, Southern Drapes, Watts of Westminster, Interdecor Design, C.P. Hart, House of Tai Ping, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère

The essentials

2-6 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AA, UK