Little Albion

cloysterly. landmarked. enticing. art-déco.

This member of the Crystalbrook Collection is located in a building full of history that was built in 1903 as a convent.

Now it turned into a modern boutique hotel in which the landmarked facade melts with a world of delighting surprises. The styles of the 20s and 70s received special attention here.

The interior designers focused on a classy chic: From Art déco inspired bed heads of massive marble wood, custom made seats in bright colors, desks of green onyx all contribute to that.

Three unorthodox restroom solutions can be found on the ground floor: They are located under the bridge of the building entrance and hence below street level

Architecture & Design

Terence Yong Architecture, Shed Design Studio, Archemy, Space Control

Interior Design

Dellis Furniture, Atmosphere Furniture, Horgans, Daniel Emma, Maker, Est Lighting, Edge Lighting, Dunlin, Artedomus, Surface Gallery, Eurowalls

Little Albion

Little Albion Street 21, Sydney