Le Vrai

triune. french. geometrical. floral.
Café Restaurant

Deisgner Karine Lewkowicz partitioned this brasserie in Milan’s new business district Porta Nuova into three clearly separated areas: a restaurant, a bar as well as a bakery share the 320 square meters.

Owner Claire Pauze endows Milan a totally new chapter: French gourmet know-how. Geometric and floral visuals remind of that while a central stair case leads the way to the restaurant in the upper floor.

Here, guests will find a formal classic dining area with velvet benches, a show kitchen as well as a casual dining area.

Special Tips

Le Vrai represents the modern concept of a resto-retail, meaning a reastaurant plus bakery or food store.

Interior Design

Karine Lewkowicz, www.lewkowicz.fr


BM Production, Winckelmans, Tierlantijn, custom made

Le Vrai

Via Galileo Galilei, Milano MI, Italy