Lahofer Winery

natural. wavy. modern. arched.
Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu

The winery that has been embedded into the picturesque Moravian landscape combines contemporary architecture with close-to-nature approach which enables a subtle symbiosis with the landscape: “The structure unfolds in the hilly landscape, dives into the surrounding vines and maintains the essence and integrity of ground and culture” explain the architects Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof.

A key feature of the building is the wavy roof that not only reminds of the surrounding hills but also of an amphitheater that serves for cultural events. The visitor center below is marked by a colonnade of concrete arches that have been placed at a distance to the vine and a huge painting by Czech artist Patrick Hábl that covers the entire ceiling and reminds of the local landscape regarding both style and color.

“The design of the winery is deeply rooted in nature and the respect for it.” Ondřej Chybík & Michal Krištof


Chybik + Kristof

Lahofer Winery

Brněnská 523, 671 82 Dobšice