inviting. charismatic. expressive. fine.
Photo: Michael Rygaard

When it opened in 2015, the Kadeau radiated not only with the finest New Nordic Cuisine, but also with a very fine interior. Five years later, the designers of OEO Studio joined forces again with chef Nicolai Nørregaard in order to give Copenhagen’s two star restaurant a design update.

In the core, the makers stayed true to the original design. But with its new, expressive colors, the updated Kadeau seems even more warm and inviting. With its carefully selected materials and furniture, the place won a lot more unique charm that was inspired by Bornholm, the culinary home of the restaurant.

“As a designer there are always things you want to do slightly differently if given the chance. When Nicolai Nørregaard called, I thought now is the time to create an even more charismatic and welcoming design.” Thomas Lykke (OEO Studio)

Interior Design

OEO Studio


Mutina, Fredericia, Flos, Gubi, Catellani & Smith


Wildersgade 10b, 1408 Kopenhagen