free. cozy. quiet. unobstructed.
State of Salzburg
Photo: Jufenalm

The Jufenalm in Austria’s Maria Alm is the perfect place to be close to nature and oneself. 1,150 meters above sea level, one can fully concentrate on the essential here and experience the quiet beauty of untouched nature. The idyllic isolated location in the middle of the mountains enabling an unobstructed view of the Steinerne Meer and the Hochkönig contribute to the joy.

The wonderful retreat was re-opened after comprehensive renovation and re-design in August 2021 and surprises with a cozy interior in trendy Boho design. “For us, Bohemian Spirit means freedom, lightness and openness” explains the host family Rohrmoser, who created the first Boho hotel in the Alps with the Jufenalm.

“We want to create a place of freedom, where it can be both lived and experienced.” The Rohrmoser family

Architecture & Interior Design

Rohrmoser family


ADA, Prader Interior


Jufen 10, 5761 Maria Alm