mysterious. discreet. legendary. authentic.
Café Restaurant

This Japanese Omasake restaurant that is hidden in The Taco Stand in the Wynwood Arts District only seats eight people. Legends around the secret Omasake restaurants, a Japanese Speakeasy-Tradition, come alive here.

But chef Tadashi Shiraishi does not offer home make Sake to his guests on the 40 square meters. Moreover, he combines authentic Japanese gourmet cuisine, ingredients flown in from Japan as well as dishes with a seasonal reference.

Concrete walls, warm wood paneling and muted light create an intimate atmosphere. The bar and seats of white oak were custom made in Japan. The reduced design reminds of a typical Omasake virtue. It states: Focus your attention on the food!

Interior Design



custom made

The essentials

313 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127, USA