Grill Royal

swank. boozy. decadent. prominent.
Café Restaurant
Photo: Stefan Korte

Basically, this is not more than a steak house – but one with an “attitude”. This is what the Berliner Tageszeitung wrote about this place. And with that properly described the core of the Grill Royal. Since its opening, the restaurant attracts creatives and thick wallets with its delicious meat dishes. Authors chow on organic rib eye steaks, actresses nibble on lobster salad and marketeers are impressed by Kobe beef priced at 100 Euro per 100 grams. The question Is George Clooney here again?” is at least as important as the food on the plates. The upholstered benches are very comfortable but their backs are also low enough to let your eyes search the room…

Special Tips

Empty stomach? Then the American Porterhouse steak with its 1,100 grams is a must!

Interior Design

Boris Radczun and Stephan Landwehr


Custom-made furniture and lamps by IKORA

The essentials

Friedrichstraße 105b, 10117 Berlin, Germany