industrial. rough. historic. sustainable.

An industrial landmark with a view of Hamburg’s harbor – and today’s home of Gina Hotel. Originally built as a rectangular storage space with brick walls, it received reinforced concrete and a three story build on with glass facades in the 90s. The interior concept is a reaction to the basis and the location. The rough structure of the historic Elbe storage space was staged. Single elements such as the iron support structure and the brick walls are highlighted. The furniture of the 130 guest rooms and junior suites is made of sustainable material such as oak and steel and seem to float in the rooms.

Guests of the Ginn Hotel automatically collect karma points. Recyclable and environmentally friendly products and materials are used. The baths focus on saving water.

Architecture & Design

Ilia Kireev, Alconsta Construction Management

Interior Design

Inclass, Fameg, Midj, Hansgrohe


Große Elbstraße 39, Hamburg