Funky Fisch

geometric. incremental. neon. multi-cultural.
Café Restaurant
Photo: Anthez Photography

The Duc Ngo is an integral part of Berlin’s gourmet scene and owns several restaurants. Each restaurant is based on a certain food he enjoys eating. The Funky Fish is all about seafood à la plancha, simply grilled, with olive oil and sea salt. On top of that, ceviche, poke and maybe a Bouillabaisse – but “nothing fancy” as he claims.

For his new restaurant Funky Fish, a Spanish fish restaurant with Japanese twist, The Duc Ngo collaborated with designer Hyunjung Kim – as he did for most of his restaurant projects.

Her idea: The room is the concept. The exposed paneled ceiling with its square pattern became the source for a mosaic shape language – composed of a maze of blue and red neon tubes on the ceiling as well as rectangular shelf elements of anodized metal.  The stern alignment is lightened by a huge, colorful fish meme graffiti .  Mondrian on LSD.

Special Tips

The small room facing Kantstraße: This is where passers by and guests can watch as fish and seafood are being gutted, cut and portioned like on a stage. That is why The Duc Ngo calls it „Fish-Stage“.

Interior Design

Hyunjung Kim


Pedrali, Aus Liebe zum Holz Berlin (furniture), Peppermint Light/Philip Baumbach, Kartell


The essentials

Kantstraße 135-136, 10625 Berlin, Germany