Frida's Café

fraternized. decelerated. relaxed. eclectic.

Cagdas and Yoldas Telli are no strangers in Frankfurt’s Bockenheim district. The brothers grew up here and their father ran an Anatolian restaurant. With Frida’s Café they now founded a place for deceleration as they believe that relaxation is a rare good in Frankfurt.

The furniture is an eclectic mix: Plush sofas, classic coffee house chairs, a counter in fresh turquise and the warm light of the filament lamps join to create an atmosphere of casual coziness. They serve – an affair of honor – Third Wave Coffee that is produced in Nuremberg by the Machhörndl roasting facility.

Lots of striking details await to be discovered – such as the ceiling high “wet wall” or unique brass metal works in the crypt-like restrooms

Architecture & Design

Yoldas & Cagdas Telli

Interior Design

Custom made

Frida's Café

Leipziger Straße 108, 60487 Frankfurt