cool. delicious. minimalist. exquisite.
Photo: Oliver Helbig

With the Bar Milano in the Brunnenstraße, Eva und Kappa brought true Milan Aperitivo Culture to Berlin’s Mitte district. In July 2021, both founders followed up and opened the Fresko right next door, a deli for Italian gourmet food.

“When Italians meet, they ask: What did you eat today? And immediately afterwards: What will you cook tonight?” says Kappa and adds: “Its cuisine is essential for Italian culture. It lives from the high quality of its ingredients. Until now they were barely available in Germany.” Hence, the Fresko does not offer ten different types of pasta, olives or oil but only one, the best that the sun spoiled country has to offer.

The design concept developed by architects Arno Brandlhuber and Sam Chermayeff is also reduced to the max: Besides the dark grey air-placed concrete walls, there basically is only a huge, walk-in refrigerator to admire.

The impressive cube consists of a massive metal frame and room high glass that also allows a view of the delicacies, such as the fabulous organic Burrata from Apulia. The lighting concept developed by Gonzalez Haase AAS puts the cool object in the right light with four crossing beam lamps. A narrow shelf system by Berlin’s design studio New Tendency rounds up the minimal design.

“It’s easy to cook yummy when you have the right ingredients.” Kappa

Interior Design

Arno Brandlhuber and Sam Chermayeff, Gonzalez Haase AAS


New Tendency


Brunnenstrasse 11, 10119 Berlin