Ett Hem

cozy. homey. scandinavian. haptic.

For Scandinavians, a super cozy home is as important as their Smørre on the Brød. Danes, Norwegians and Swedes have such a long and dark winter that they want to make their home as warm and pleasant as possible.

When Jeanette Mix thought of a concept and name for her Stockholm hotel, she thought of a logical solution: “Ett Hem” – meaning  “a home” – was the chosen name. And a visit there was supposed to feel like staying with friends.

Ilse Crawford of London’s creative studio Studioilse was responsible for the interior. She furnished the 12 rooms individually. The overriding concept is a twist towards the unseen, surface feel and patina. Natural materials such as wood, marble, sheep fur, port leather or velvet play an overarching role, as is often the case in tastefully cozy Scandinavian interior design.

Good friends do not have a restaurant in their home. That is why you find a long wooden table for breakfast, sandwiches and the small lunch and dinner menu at Ett Hem.


Fredrik Dahlberg, Stockholm

Interior Design

Studioilse, London


Cassina, Michael Anastassiades, Vitra

Ett Hem

Sköldungagatan 2, 114 27 Stockholm, Sweden