Ergon House

spectacular. traditional. culinary. open.
Photo: Ioanna Roufopoulou

The Ergon House is located in the heart of Athens. Restaurant and deli can be found on the ground floor. Its atrium has been designed as a spectacular market place, as a modern Greek Agora with fresh food. A café, the open oven and a central olive tree are integrated in a harmonious manner. A pavement of concrete blocks can be found here as well as a vertical garden or a graffiti by artist INO.

A food store, a fish stand and a butcher surround the central bar. Cozy sitting areas made of marble and wood as well as fabrics in the colors of a Greek village square underline the traditional look, while walnut wood, black terrazzo and marble dominate the interior.

The 4-star boutique hotel Ergon House also belongs to the restaurant. Its interior design works with traditional Greek elements, too.

Architecture & Interior Design

Urban Soul Project


Bright Interior, Luminart

Ergon House

23 Mitropoleos str, 105 57, Athen