Cookies Cream Bar

experimental. aromatic. polished. relaxed.
PHOTO: Cookies

The Cookies Cream Bar is something like a small lab, directly under the vegetarian star restaurant Cookies Cream, in which Dada Daoud experiments with flavors and aromas.

The mixologist is inspired by the ingredients of the current meals of Berlin’s best vegetarian restaurant: tomato and parmesan qualify as much for a cocktail as does sesame and chocolate or peas and saffron.

The chic interior is everything but a lab: Red velvet bar stools, polished black shelves and rawhide jacquard on the walls mark the location and assure a relaxed bar atmosphere.

Interior Design

Jörg Schumann, Daniel Scott and Heinz “Cookie” Gindullis


Custom made by Daniel Scott

Experimental cocktail cuisine

Cookies Cream Bar

Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin