Chenot Palace

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Hotel Spa & Beauty
Photo: Chenot Palace

Picturesque! Most guests will likely have this word in their minds regarding the gorgeously located hotel at the shore of the Vierwaldstätter lake. Yet, the house framed by the mountains of the Swill Alps is more than a hotel. As a wellness retreat with medical spa, the resort offers individually designed programs and treatments that are based on Henri Chenot’s innovative concept of health conservation.

In order to provide the perfect wellness experience to relaxation seeking guests, a part of the historic buildings that formerly hosted the five star Park Hotel were thoroughly restored into a wellness oasis. Maximum comfort, luxurious amenities and an elegant, inviting design mark the interior. Colors and materials were especially selected to match the Chenot philosophy.

Wellness in an impressive setting


Davide Macullo Architects

Chenot Palace

Hertensteinstraße 34, 6353 Weggis