Camp Sarika

wild. luxurious. free. relaxing.
Photo: Amanresorts

Ten tent pavilions surrounded by 600 acres rough wilderness in the heart of Utah’s desert – the Camp Sarika is indeed a retreat in which guests can live totally in tune with nature in the middle of nowhere. However, the place has very little to do with tents in the classic sense: the location is a true design camp and offers ample comfort.

The pavilions all have their own terrace, fire pit with lounge furniture and private pool. Further, the main pavilion of the camp features two spa suites, a restaurant, a sun deck, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. The interior was designed in tune with its surroundings: natural materials such as Douglas fir and leather as well as custom made furniture of nut wood and decorative linen blankes radiate a luxurious camp feeling and at the same time create a sense of intimacy in the seemingly endless space.

Unique wilderness experience combined with complete comfort

Architecture & Interior Design

Luxury Frontiers, Selldorf Architects


Custom made

Camp Sarika

1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point Utah. 84741-0285