Borgo Santandrea

sun-kissed. fragrant. local. luxurious.
Photo: Enzo Rando

For the Borgo Santandrea, an entire estate on the sun-kissed Amalfi Coast was re-designed.  This lasted four full years. But it was worth it: The luxurious hotel combines unique mid-century design with classic Mediterranean style and offers its guests a wonderful view onto the Tyrrhenian Sea and the old fisher village Conca dei Marini.

Not only the fragrant terrace gardens with its 150 year old olive, lemon and pomegranate trees are unmistakably Italian: Lead by architect Rino Gambardella, his designer team assured that each corner of the house is an symbol for Italian craftsmanship.

Besides designer furniture by Molteni&C and hand-blown Venetian glass lamps by Venicem, many interior pieces are custom made, such as the wonderful railings by local blacksmith Piero Esposito or the floor to ceiling massive nut wood by Milan’s carpenter Paolo Erba.

Very special pieces also came from the two-year collaboration with the local manufacturer Cotto Vietri: 31 different tile patterns were developed. Their hand-painted decor was inspired by antique patterns from Pompeji and Herculaneum.

“We feel proud to have brought so many talented artisans and iconic Italian brands together to create a one-of-a-kind hotel that is truly ‘Made in Italy’.”  Maurizio Orlacchio, Co-Owner

Architecture & Interior Design

Rino Gambardella

Landscape Design

Philip Adiutori, Gaetano Amato


Molteni&C, Venicem, Once Milano, Dedar, Rubelli, custom made

Borgo Santandrea

Via Giovanni Augustariccio 33, Amalfi 84011 SA