innovative. twisted. illustrious. elephantic.

A folded Origami elephant made of china stands on a pedestal in the middle of the room. A tonic water fountain flows out of its mouth into the glasses of the illustrious guests.

This unique spectacle can be witnessed in Frankfurt’s Bonechina bar. The makers already turned the concept of a hotel upside down in a wonderful manner when they developed the Libertine Lindenberg.

Here, it the turn for the nightlife. The fact that, matching the name, a specially designed china tile covers the walls is almost one of their more conventional ideas. The bar has neither a counter nor a bartender.

Instead, the up to 20 guests surrounding the elephant make their own drinks or have them mixed by one of the two hosts. Pre-mixed drink classics are refined with homemade flavored ice cubes – with flavors from vetiver to sandal wood.

The Bonechina is opened Tuesday to Thursday. It can be rented for private events on the weekends.

Interior Design

Aberja, Frankfurt


“Saarinen Executive Armless Chairs” by Knoll, “Frankfurter Fliese” by Aberja, custom made


Große Rittergasse 64, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany