Beans & Dots

roasted. colorful. saturated. wooden.

Beans & Dots serves its loyal fan community premium coffee that has been selected and roasted by The Barn Berlin.

The interior design process began with the selection of a brand color. The choice was a saturated red that now decorates the front wall. A large, light wooden book shelf gives the room structure and depth, whereby hanging, oval, bent wooden structures accentuate the vertical and mirrors reflect furniture below.

The bar made of the same wood features a large sheet working counter, the menu reminds of airport destination boards.  Dramatically curved, dark curtains accentuate the high room.

On one can also pay with Bitcoin or eGold.

Architecture & Interior Design

Bogdan Ciocodeica, Ana Porim/Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio


Leuchten von Faro Barcelona, custom made

Beans & Dots

Strada Ion Brezoianu 23–25, Bukarest