Be Live

moorish. radiating. comfortable. ensouled.

The Be Live resort is located a few kilometers outside of Marrakech. It offers guests above the age of 16 212 rooms with breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains.

Its design refers to Moorish architecture and the radiant colors of Marrakech. At the palm-lined pool, you can chill on comfortable daybeds.

Those who feel like Oriental relaxation should check out the Turkish bath.

For all underwater lovers, the so called Swim-Up Rooms are recommended. These ground floor rooms have direct pool access from the terrace.


Aziz Lazrak,

Interior Design

Aziz Lazrak,


Carré Marruecos, Fratelli Frattini, LG, Couleurs de Sud, Geberit

The essentials

Lot B6, Zone de Zahrat، Marrakesh, Morocco