mysterious. atmospheric. stylish. dim.
Café Restaurant

A large B on the walkway lets the Baromètre be seen from afar and with that contrasts the interior with the mysterious interior that reminds of New York’s Speakeasys.

The stylish parallel existente was created by the brothers Soufiane und Hamza Hadni, whose restaurant with its dim atmosphere and its endless rows of of bottles, glasses and ingredients reminds more of the lab of a crazy professor than one of the hippest hotspot of the city.

The cuisine of the Baromètre has a French touch, the drinks are mixed with regional ingredients and are named after huge connoisseurs like Winston Churchill or Jimi Hendrix. The perfect mix for a great evening.

Baromètre is located in the hip Gueliz district that even today still shows traces of European influence. In contrast to the angled Medina, you can wide boulevards, modern shops and extensive parks.

Interior Design

Soufiane and Hamza Hadni


custom made


Rue Moulay Ali, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco