Bar Zentral

american. surprising. detailed. creative.
Photo: Hidden Fortress

The Bar Zentral is located in one the arches of the commuter railways. On first sight, the place looks like a traditional American bar. When you take a closer look, you will discover lovely details developed by Berlin’s interior designers Hidden Fortress. The bar counter combines granite and oak to separate the working area of the barkeeper from the guest seating area. A rail placed in the center enables trays to be moved from one end of the bar to the other. The backdrop features metal sliding doors with a graphic pattern giving less attractive bar utensils a hiding space.

The wash rooms with their black and white Op-Art pattern are a must.


Collignon Architektur,

Interior Design

Hidden Fortress,


Majo Ertel, Wolff Natursteine

The essentials

Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 551, 10623 Berlin, Germany