Bar Shuka

eclectic. turbulent. ornamental. connecting.
Café Restaurant

“Tel Aviv’s gastronomic culture is a conglomerate of Arabic dishes, memories of the recipes of Jewish grandparents and culinary trends from all over the world. That is exactly what we do here–in our way, from the Frankfurt perspective”, states James Ardinast to describe the culinary concept of his Bar Shuka.

“Shuk” means market square – and that is why this Frankfurt restaurant is alive with diverse impressions. There is freshly baked pita bread from the oven, Jerusalem kebab from an open fire, green sauce of Mediterranean herbs – and on top the ado of the show kitchen.

For the interior, Ardinast and his brother David collaborated with  MORGEN INTERIORS and Michael Dreher. Even here an undamped eclecticism is dominant: Spanish ornament bricks meet counters of Verde Guatemala marble, a chef stable of 400 year old oak and bar stools from Atelier Haussmann Berlin.

Art lovers beware! The huge neon artwork on the wall writes “friends” in Hebrew and Arabic.

Interior Design

MORGEN INTERIORS and Michael Dreher


Richard Lampert

The essentials

Niddastraße 56, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany