Bar Luce | Fondazione Prada

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Photo: Attilio Maranzano, Fondazione Prada

The Bar Luce, designed by Wes Anderson and located in the heart of Prada’s headquarters, is an almost surrealistic master piece. The interior is a mix of 50s/60s design with Italian neorealism, which became famous by Fornasetti. It actually looks like a set from one of his films. Fornasetti claims that the bar will not become a set but might well become the base for a script. In any case, it is a place to dream away while enjoying a coffee or a drink.

The exhibitions in the Fondazione Prada are a highlight in Milan’s art scene. To check out what is currently being displayed, visit

Interior Design

Wes Anderson

Bar Luce | Fondazione Prada

Largo Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italy