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Café Restaurant
Photo: Baobab

The restaurant Baobab opened in the middle of Valencia’s lively city center is an elegant space with a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Yet chef Raúl Aleixandre has a very Spanish heart in the culinary sense. It beats for a distinctive market cuisine with fresh produce from local partners.

The interior presents itself in a cultivated manner and fits the open-minded overall feel: Sophisticated marble tables, chairs covered with colorful fabrics and classic black as the dominant color make for the overall look and feel. Velvet curtains in powder pink, light wooden floors, bold colorful wall paintings and unique neon lamps set accents.

From the bar, there is an intriguing view of the open kitchen–not only exciting for hobby cooks.

Architecture & Interior Design

Sergio Adelantado and Sara López Blanco


Porro, Knoll

The essentials

Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 73, 46004 Valencia, Spain