André Latin

stylish. elegant. accomplished. honored.

André Latin was a 19th century dandy. The hotel he founded can be found in one of the oldest and most magnificent areas of Paris. After the rooms and suites were renovated, the cocktail bar was also re-opened as a homage to the style fanatic.

To honor André, the Belle Époque interior was given a modern twist. Saturated colors, floral patterns and comfy upholstered furniture warmly welcome locals as well guests.

While nipping champagne is very fitting here, ordering a beer will not earn you a dirty look. After all, the cool ‚Demory‘ stems from the same time as the founder: the brewery goes back to 1827. Surely dandy André has personally had a taste of it.

Besides barkeeper Marie Picard’s cocktails, the selection of wines is also very interesting. Wine connoisseurs have the chance to taste excellent and rare choices from four Euros up.


Ziegler, 1868

Interior Design

Michael Malapert, Paris


Die Möbel wurden anhand von 50 legendären Blaupausen mit den feinsten Materialien wie Marmor, Kupfer, Massivholz und Spiegel angefertigt. Leuchten: Gubi, Stoffe: Kvadrat.

André Latin

50 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris, France