inviting. unpretentious. enticing. casual.
Photo: Sebastian Heil

Not only are the drinks mixed well here. The mix makers are also an interesting mix: the bar is part of Germany’s first underground hotel, the AMO by AMANO, and is a joint project of the AMANO Group and the Kinly Boys. The latter have become known for their unique mixing art in the bar scene and the AMANO Group enjoys a great reputation in Berlin’s nightlife due to its special hotel bars.

The mix also works in the interior: With its subtle blue shades, the elegant furniture and the stylish design elements, the bar presents itself very distinctively yet without being pretentious. In contrast, the atmosphere is casual and the bar is the perfect place for a relaxed and jolly time that is further enhanced by excellent drinks.

More than an add-on to the hotel

Photo: Sebastian Heil


Tchoban und Voss

Interior Design

ST Design

Photo: tyguzy

The essentials

Friedrichstraße 113, 10117 Berlin