Aman Kyoto

minimalistic. fragrant. traditional. harmonious.
Photo: Aman

The Aman Kyoto is a special place: Surrounded by scenic beauties and cultural sites, it is the perfect starting point to discover the mystic world of the imperial capitol.

The luxury resort is enclosed by a blooming garden in the middle of a fragrant forest full of cedar, cypress, yuzu and maple trees. It is a calm scenery that is respected by the architecture. Exemplary for the Japanese minimalism, the resort is harmoniously integrated in the dramaturgy of the landscape.

The light flooded interiors also carry the aesthetic Japanese signature: The minimalist designed rooms feature Tatami mats on the floors and Tokonoma niches with selected art pieces. All furniture, including traditional Japanese lanterns, are custom made. The large Ofuro bath tubs made of local Hinoki cypress wood are a special highlight.

The Aman Kyoto is surrounded by no less than 17 UNESCO world heritage sites


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1 Okitayama Washimine-Cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-0000, Japan