Alléosse Fromagerie

Photo: Daniele Molineris

Calling this place a cheese store would be an insult. Actually, the elaborate and elegant presentation of the cheeses resembles that of a jewelry store. And for a good reason. The store sells creations of Maître Philippe Alléosse. He is a legend among fromagers and his premium cheeses ripen underground in the heart of the city to its delicate aromas. The job of staging the assortment was tackled by the Italian architects and designers of AMlab, internally known specialists for designing retail locations. They focused their approach to resemble the classical arched construction of underground maturing chambers and combined stone, ash wood and innovative LED lighting. The innovative climate control system that regulates temperature and humidity of the precious cheeses remains invisible.

The architects chose ash wood because of its high elasticity. This enabled them to create organic shapes with the wood.



Interior Design


The essentials

13 Rue Poncelet, 75017 Paris, France