glassy. natural. atmospheric. holistic.
Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

The Äng ist a unique restaurant that is located in a glassy building – like a green house – and that offers its guests a panoramic view of the Swedish landscape and surrounding lakes. The Japanese Keiji Ashizawa Design studio and Danish Norm Architects where responsible for the interior design. With their customized design concept, their created a clear yet strikingly atmospheric effect.

The interior is marked by the choice of natural and premium materials as well as the harmonious interplay of Japanese and Danish design aesthetics. Through the glassy openness of the building, the country surroundings become part of the room and assure a holistic, sensorial experience which elegantly underlines the culinary offers.

“We tried to create a balance between the country and local aspects on the one hand and on the other hand between the sophisticated and elevated.” Norm Architects

Interior Design

Norm Architects, Keiji Ashizawa Design


Karimoku, Dinesen


Ästad 10, 432 77 Tvååker