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Café Restaurant
Photo: 959

“We just opened our doors and run gastronomy for everyone”, days gastronome Martin Pelz to the opening of the 959 in Heidelberg’s Stadtgarten. He is being overmodest as the renovation time prior to the opening in the fall of 2018 took ten months, During this time, he and his partner Jürgen Harder bred over the impressive interior concept, the gastronomic direction and hired four Neapolitan pizza bakers.

Under swinging chandeliers, the restaurant serves pizza and Mediterranean dishes like Ossobuco with Gremolata and favorites like Wiener Schnitzel. The two wine lovers came up with the name while enjoying a nice glass. After disregarding several ideas, a peak at the bottle label was break-through. The wine was from 1959, the harvest was in September.

1440 bottles of wine in climate cabinets and a custom-made humidor await guests in the Pinos Bar.

Interior Design

Jürgen B. Harder, Martin Pelz


Among others:  Design Heure,  JSPR, Modular,  Elités, Farrow & Ball, Pandora, Lohberger, Fischbauer, Florim, GEZE,  Bose


Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 2, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany