25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt

Maritime. Familiar. Relaxed. Seamanlike.
Photo: Stephan Lemke for 25hours Hotels

Hamburg awakens associations. Visuals of the wide sea, the harbor and passing barges are inseperable from the city of Hamburg. The former utilization of the building alone make maritime visuals a must in the 25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt: maps were written here and sailors shared experiences from all over the world. Even today the walls of the oldest building in the HafenCity tell stories of ships, great dreams, water and land, of wanderlust and home sickness. Regarding furniture, none of the 49 rooms resemble another. The differently sized rooms stretch over four levels. Design elements from the world of the old harbor master spread a seamanlike flair.The reception counter was made of old heaters, the hallways are decorated with intricate sea maps.

Go search for traces of the harbor master! His former map cabinets are re-flourishing in the restaurant.


The brick building was built in 1885/86 in the growing free port and is the oldest one in the HafenCity.

Interior Design

DREIMETA Armin Fischer


Vintage-Objekte treffen auf Flohmarkt-Fundstücke, Neues harmoniert mit Altem. Das lose Mobiliar variiert in jedem Zimmer und bereichert individuell die identische Grundeinrichtung (u.a. Kingsize-Betten, Flatscreen, Bluetooth-Boxen, WLAN) der 49 Quartiere.

25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt

Altes Hafenamt Hamburg, Osakaallee 12, 20457 Hamburg, Germany