1 Hotel Central Park

green. natural. local. raw.
New York

Green design meets luxury: for his new hotel project, keeper Barry Sternlicht focused on the principles of simplicity, transparency and ecology.

Local materials are the choice, whether wood, stone or textiles. This look can easily be described as raw style and highlights irregularities such as knots, veins or color gradients.

Every guest receives a Google Nexus Tablet to control all room functions (thermostat, room service, lights…). The tablet also displays each guest’s carbon footprint during their stay.


AvroKO, www.avroko.com

Interior Design

AvroKO, www.avroko.com


Shimna, Good-Shop, Keetsa, The Hudson Company, custom made of recycled wood by Benchmark Furniture Manufacturing

The essentials

1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA