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Stine Gam was born in 1975 in Copenhagen, Enrico Fratesi three years later in the Italian city of Pesaro. So much for the differences of the couple. Now to the commonalities: both studied architecture and hold a master’s degree in design.

Gam and Fratesi made valuable job experiences in architectural studios in Japan and Scandinavia before founding their own studio in 2006. The studio is located in Copenhagen, from where they regularly travel to Italy to develop product innovations.

GamFratesi scoop their creative energy from the fusion of tradition and renewal. The pursue an experimental approach regarding material selection as well as manufacturing techniques. They also unite two strong creative worlds in their designs: the Danish furniture and craft tradition as well as the conceptual Italian design history.

Based on this inter-cultural heritage, they design furniture that respectfully reflects tradition as well as history, symbols and associations in a minimalistic manner.  The chair “Cartoon” for Swedese – the result of a long study of anthropomorphism, meaning ascription of human qualities to animals, gods and natural powers etc – is one of their signature pieces.

The chair was inspired by children’s drawings that often appear anthropomorphic due to their proportions. The challenge for the design was to translate the expression of the drawings onto a three-dimensional piece of furniture.

GamFratesi work for brands like Porro, Cappellini, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Gubi and Ligne Roset.


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